Electronic Proof of Insurance

No, it is not when you snuggle up to your loved one. You hear the term bundling all the time on tv and promoted by certain insurance carriers.

It is having your auto and home insurance policies with one carrier to ensure you receive a multi-policy discount. On the surface that sounds great, right?

Yet, the carriers who routinely promote bundling are often the same ones who do not offer choice to the consumer. In other words, they do not shop your insurance around with other carriers to find the “overall” better rate for you.

We have carriers that offer you a multi-policy discount on your auto policy if you own a home – even if that home is insured elsewhere. You do not have to insure your home with them.

Often when we shop insurance rates for a client, we find the overall best rate is when their auto is with one carrier and home insured with a different carrier. And what does it matter – we are the agent for both policies.

Don’t be fooled into believing bundling is the best and only answer to your insurance needs. It’s a great marketing strategy. Let an Arizona insurance broker shop around to find you the better OVERALL rate.

Electronic Proof of Insurance

Arizona motorists, as of August 2, 2012, will be able to show proof of insurance in new way.

If stopped by a police officer, you can now use your smartphone and provide pictures of your insurance card via this electronic media. This must make alot of younger generation drivers very happy. Certainly it may do very little for those older drivers who are slow to meet the electronic generation head-on.

Currently, drivers must show a hard copy of their identification card and that is the way it has been for a very long time. Personally, I am very happy to print my card, shove it in the glove box and forget about it.

Electronic connections do fail from time to time.

Be aware, if you are stopped by a law enforcement officer and your phone is not working properly and your only proof is in the phone you can and likely will get cited for failure to provide proper proof of insurance. Don’t blame the officer.

What if you lend your vehicle to someone else?

In addition, if you let someone else drive your vehicle but they do not have proof of insurance they will get cited. The best solution, even for those who love technology, is to also have a hard copy within reach.

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