Dodge Dart – new and improved?

When I think Dodge Dart visions of unsightly 1970’s vehicles come to mind. I remember many such vehicles that were not much to look at and felt bulky as you drove them.

My first vehicle was a 1966 Ford Fairlane with most of the paint rusted off. It got me from point A to B and all I cared about. But it was an ugly looking vehicle and got uglier when I crashed it on a country road as a teen.

But as you can see from this picture the new and improved Dodge Dart looks pretty nice.

Chrysler is placing alot of hope and money into the redesigned 2013 Dart with expectations that it will become one of the best selling small cars on the market. It is off to a good start as the Dart was one of many vehicles to receive a top crash test rating by a well known safety group.

Jointly engineered by Fiat SpA and Chrysler, the 2013 Dodge Dart was named a “Top Safety” pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. A total of 180 vehicles were tested for the 2012 model year and 132 received a Top Safety pick designation.

But the Dodge is not in a class all alone. Other vehicles received excellet ratings, including the Subaru XV Crosstrek hatchback, the Lexus ES 350 midsize luxury 4 door, and the Hyundai Sante Fe.

The in-depth testing determined that each vehicle performed extremely well in test crashes that looked at front crashes, side crashes as well as rear crashes.

In December of 2012 the Highway Safety organization will release its annual safety report pertaining to vehicles sold in the United States.

The Hyundai Sante Fe was among the industry’s top sellers in September with 7,378 vehicles sold, a marked improvement on last year that was nineteen percent over the year prior and significant increase over the prior month.

In September, the new and improved Dodge Dart sold 5,235 units, a signficant improvement from the 3,045 units sold in August.

While 73% of the models tested by the Insurance Institue of Highway Safety received the top safety rating, it is widely expected that beginning next year the requirements and testing will be much more stringent. Which will likely result in fewer vehicles receiving the top rating.

That should be a big boon to the select few vehicle manufacturers that continue to receive the top safety award from corner-front crashes. Expect to see some well-deserved ramped up advertising as a result.

The big issue with the Highway Safety group are common corner-front crashes. A recent test of 11 luxury brand mid-size vehicles using the corner-front crash test concluded that only 2 models received the coveted top ranking. This obviously has the group concerned and ready to put more emphasis on that test than in previous years.

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