Beware of Buying Storm Damaged Vehicles

A recent report suggested that Arizona may one of the landing places for thousands of vehicles damaged by Sandy, a storm that hit the northeast United States during October 2012. Based on insurance claims reported following the storm upwards of 250,000 vehicle could be involved.

When buying a used car, it is important to consider:

Having a reputable car repair shop inspect your vehicle
Look at the door speakers as they can reveal water damage
Check for rust, particularly on screws in the console where you would not expect water damage to be visible
Look for water stains, sand, mildew and even under the carpets for dirt
Buy from reputable car dealership

Many vehicles damaged in storm Sandy were deemed totaled. Buyer beware.

Maximize Your Arizona Auto Insurance Discounts

When buying auto insurance be sure to ask the following questions or at least be aware of the following:

Discounts for good student drivers. If you have a child enrolled in high school or college and they receive a 3.0 grade point average they may qualify for a discount on your auto insurance.

A Paid in Full Discount is becoming a safe and easy way to cut a little bit off your auto insurance premium. If you have a credit card and are able to pay it off in a relatively short time this may be an option if you do not have the cash to pay your premium in full with cash.

Credit? It’s true and most people are now finally aware that credit can and usually does affect your credit. If you have bad credit or marginal credit do some research on how to improve your credit score. You will not only save when you guy a house or car but likely you can cut your insurance premiums too.

Why does credit affect insurance? Insurance companies spend tons of money on research. If they can prove something they will implement it if the idea helps cut costs and improves profits. Their research indicates the better credit clients file fewer claims. They have substantial data to back up their claim, even though credit feels like a bad partnership with insurance.

You will automatically receive a discount for having multiple vehicles and of course their is the standard auto/home discount for insuring both policies with the same carrier.

Buying insurance from an Independent Insurance Broker. Choice Insurance of Arizona is an independent insurance agency that is able to quote and write insurance through leading and top rated carriers, such as Hartford, AAA, MetLife, Progressive, Unitrin, Badger Mutual, Infinity and more.

Some insurance agents can only give you one quote – their own.

Contact us and let our agency shop around for you to help you pay LESS.