Auto Insurance Survey Shows Interesting Results

A recent insurance survey by Princeton Survey Research Associates International:

• Only 21% of car owners have shopped their car insurance rates the past 12 months.

• Of those who did shop for new insurance the past 12 months, 43% changed carriers because they found a lower rate.

• 81% of those who switched insurance carriers said that the lower rate was more important than the service they received.

• 24% of respondents claim they NEVER shop around to compare their auto insurance rates, claiming good service is their primary reason for staying.

• 34% say the rarely shop around for new insurance.

• 34% of those who did shop around got at least 3 car insurance quotes

• 26% of those who did shop around got 4 insurance quotes or more

Where to find ALL you need

Customers want low rates? The best place to find low rates is with your independent insurance agent, who can shop and compare your auto insurance with leading and top rated insurance carriers.

Your independent insurance agent is not restricted to giving you one quote, like some captive insurance agents or direct writers. Independent insurance agents often have five, ten or even more carriers they will compare on your behalf. This is a huge time-saver for most busy clients.

Plus, independent insurance agents give just as good service as any other type of agent. Sometimes it seems the independent insurance agents give better service because we do not have the billion dollar insurance corporation behind us providing a customer service department in some home office across the country. We usually give our own service and take care of our clients personally because we are the customer service department.

Want a quote and want good service? Get both from your local independent insurance agent, like Choice Insurance of Arizona.
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