Auto Insurance Phoenix

As you seek an auto insurance Phoenix quote? If you live in Phoenix or are moving to here you may very well know that insurance rates are higher than in other less-populated towns. Phoenix is a big city with alot of traffic. That congestion is the reason for a high number of accidents. Phoenix also has its share of car thefts. Yet, for all its big-city issues Phoenix is not the worst town to drive or carry car insurance.

We wanted to share some interesting statistics and information about driving in Phoenix.

This statistic may surprise you: in 2007 Phoenix was listed as the safest “big” city in the nation to drive – for the third straight year (according to one study anyway that compared various factors). Drivers here average one crash every 9 years, 8 months, which is actually slightly worse than the national average. Choice Insurance of Arizona in a Phoenix Arizona insurance broker.

Other statistics indicate this city has 2 of the top 10 worst intersections in the United States, according to stats that show crash information by intersection. That seemed a little surprising considering congested cities such as Houston and Los Angeles.

Nationally, 2007 marked the fourth consecutive year that auto thefts declined. However, the western part of the United States experienced an increase in car thefts by over 4%. Phoenix ranked 9th on the list of cities with the most car thefts.

Choice Insurance of Arizona offers low cost auto insurance Phoenix to help our clients save money. No matter which zip code you live we can provide a great quote on auto insurance. By comparing car insurance rates with numerous auto insurance carriers, we often save clients up to 35% on their auto insurance.

You probably are not familiar with how an independent insurance agent works?

We have alot of insurance carriers that we can quote through. When a client contacts us for a quote we then compare the rates with all these different carriers. Almost every one of them is A rated so we don’t care which ones have the lowest rate.

Once we determine which carrier has the best price we then contact you via email or phone with the quote. Phoenix is not the cheapest place to buy auto insurance but it certainly is not the highest either. Imagine driving in Houston?

If you contact us for a quote we will take the time to compare rates with other carriers to see who is the lowest rate we can find. We will then offer you that rate. Our office is low key and there is never any obligation to receive a quote.

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