Auto Insurance Lyft Drivers

Auto Insurance for Lyft drivers

Auto Insurance Lyft Drivers

Are you driving for Lyft or thinking of joining their team? One of the primary requirements is that you have active auto insurance. But that’s not enough!

You need to find out if your current insurance company actually covers you and your vehicle while driving for Lyft. Not every insurance carrier does. If you drive for Lyft but your insurance company does not cover ride sharing, you could leave yourself exposed financially. For Lyft auto insurance coverage, speak to your agent or call my office. You do not want to assume your current insurance carrier automatically provides auto insurance for you as a Lyft driver.

Here are some of the things about ride sharing that I found interesting. I’ve only used Lyft and cannot speak about services, such as Uber. Lyft allows drivers and passengers to rate each other. I found that to be fascinating. Usually, it is the client rating the business provider.

One of the craftiest business models is what I mentioned above. It allows drivers to rate clients and clients to rate drivers. And it makes perfectly good sense. If you have a customer who is rude, disruptive and treats your vehicle poorly, the driver can note that in the file for future Lyft drivers. Other drivers can then decide whether to accept the job of driving for a specific person. Keep that in mind the next time you hire a Lyft driver. They will be rating YOU too.

As a passenger, you can provide a rating if the driver is simply bad for business. Many of these Lyft drivers need and depend on this extra money. Be nice in your ratings, unless they truly are deserving of a bad rating. Otherwise, be generous. The driver you hire may be depending on this extra money to pay bills and buy groceries.

Also, Lyft seems to reward drivers in various ways. Those rewards can revolve around how many passengers they pick up in a given time frame. It’s an interesting business model.

If your insurance carrier does not offer coverage for ride sharing, please contact us for a quote.

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