Arizona SR22 Insurance

Did your auto insurance rate jump due to a Arizona SR22 Insurance requirement?

Arizona SR22 insurance will issue a certificate or document required by a motor vehicle department as proof of financial responsibility as a result of a violation. Common violations are driving with lapsed car insurance or receiving a DUI. This is provided by an insurance company to you and the department of motor vehicles to prove you have liability insurance on your vehicle.

There are a handful of carriers that offer SR22 certificates while also providing a pretty competitive auto insurance quotes at the same time. There are some Arizona driver’s who have seen their car insurance rate skyrocket at the result of needing this.

To our knowledge, Arizona SR22 Insurance is required for 3 years. If you get this coverage from your insurance agent and let your insurance lapse your three year window begins again. While some preferred insurance carriers may offer this certificate you will find that most of the companies willing to offer this type of coverage to you are non-standard carriers. You will usually pay less for your auto insurance with a non-standard company.

Owner & Non-Owner Policies

Some clients need this certificate and insurance for their vehicle. Other clients need a non-owner auto insurance policy when they do not actually own a vehicle. Some people had their drivers license taken away and the only way to retrieve it from the motor vehicle department is to obtain a non-owner insurance policy. We can help with an owner and non-owner policy. Just ask us for a quote today and we can find you a great quote.

If you need Arizona SR22 auto insurance, we have several carriers that offer competitive rates, and they often provide decent coverage. There are some insurance companies who are willing to offer the state minimum limit if you need a certificate. If you are with a carrier such as this consider looking around.

Even if you need an SR22 it does not mean you need the state minimum limit of coverage. Your vehicle poses just as much risk of doing damage on the road as another and you need higher limits. We have carriers who offer higher than minimum limits and encourage you to call us.

Your overall driving record will determine your rate. If you have speeding tickets, a dui, or simply were driving uninsured these certainly will affect the auto insurance rate you will pay.

If you are driving without insurance currently this can negatively affect your rate too.

Ask us for a quote on auto insurance. We will compare rates with different companies to find the best rate for you we can.