The Terrafugia – a Plane or Car?

The Terrafugia

The Terrafugia Transition is a two seat plane/car. As you can see from the picture it looks incredibly futuristic and something most of us would love to own, drive and fly. The downside – it is priced out of our range. Maybe our kids or grandkids will be able to own one of these someday far into the future.

The Terrafugia has automated electromechanical wings that easily unfolds for flying with a 4 blade prop behind the cockpit. While air bound it can travel at speeds around 115 miles per hour with a advertised range of about 400 miles.

What a way to travel

On the road this unique vehicle can travel 600 miles while getting about 35 miles per gallon. It drives around 70 miles per hour at top speed.

For the right person with a spare $280,000 to spend the Terrafugia Transition also fits nicely into a standard household garage.

It does make me wonder what insurance companies insure this plane/car. And how do they categorize it – as a plane or car? Certainly the risks skyrocket simply being driven on the roads. It is much safer at 7,000 feet than it is on the streets of our city.

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Driver Less Cars?

The State of Nevada recently enacted legislation that gives Google the ok to test pilot a program that allows for self-driving vehicles on public streets.

I-Robot anyone?

Arizona is also considering this legislation? Hmmmm, I truly wonder how that would work on the streets of Phoenix. While in Phoenix I am always a cautious, defensive driver. I suppose a car that has no human hands at the wheels would be safer.

Detecting people or other objects?

What about other vehicles in congested, stop-and-go traffic? Pedestrians? Bicyclists? Driver-less vehicles use sensors, lasers, and even video cameras to detect other vehicles or objects. Yes, that means even detecting other people walking or riding on or near the roadways.

Some of these vehicles will communicate with traffic management systems. Certainly they would not speed, tail gate or run red lights.

Human error is (of course) the leading cause of most automobile crashes and this technology would potentially reduce that factor. I also imagine alot of business people would love the ability to work while in transit.

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