Apache Junction Auto & Home Insurance

Are you aware you can cut your costs by up to 35% by simply using an insurance broker, like our firm. The odds increase greatly that you can find a insurance carrier willing to offer you low cost auto and home insurance when a broker shops your insurance.

Why not let us help? There is no cost to use our service.

Our agency is also called an independent insurance agency, which means when you allow us to quote your auto or home insurance we then shop around to find lower rates for you.

Not every insurance agent in Apache Junction has the ability to will compare rates between a variety of nationally known and recognized insurance providers like Progressive, MetLife, AAA, Hartford and many other similar companies. We can quote all these insurance carriers in Apache Junction to save you money.

Besides offering low cost rates of many types of Apache Junction auto and home insurance we can help with your life and business insurance as well. If you are searching for other types of insurance protection please contact us.

Our goal is to find you low cost Apache Junction auto & home insurance with minimal inconvenience to you. Our goal is simple – to make your insurance shopping experience simple and easy. The best part – many of our clients save up to 35% and some have saved even more. Not only will you save money but in some cases we can also provide you with better coverage for the same money or less.

Your insurance is designed to help protect you and your assets. If you are in an at-fault car accident and you injure another party, someone will have the right to sue you. Are you protected by your current auto insurance policy well enough against an accident in which you are responsible? Your auto policy offers varying limits of coverage. Are you insured property? Ask me for my input.

An Apache Junction homeowner insurance policy carries liability protection and medical coverage in the event someone is injured on your property. There have been many times I have seen other agents provide the minimum coverage for their clients. In all cases I recommend the maximum limits of protection. One reason is simply that the cost difference is minimal between the lowest coverage amount and the maximum amount.

The small amount of money you save will not be worth it if you have a situation that applies to these coverage. Ask me for help in preparing the right quote for your Apache Junction Auto & Home Insurance and then we can shop around to find you a good rate.

Get a quote today and ask for me personally when you call.

Gary Brown, Owner (480) 659-0229