Testimonials from Actual Clients

“I have known Gary for 12 years, first on a personal level and then as my insurance agent. He is a man of integrity who really cares about his customers. I know that I can depend on Gary to respond to my insurance needs in a way that I have never experienced before. Gary’s friendly and professional manner has been very helpful to my family, especially during stressful times when we had automobile claims.”
Sue from Mesa

“Over the past 10 years, Gary has been our personal insurance agent for our multiple car policies, home, life insurance, umbrella insurance and Coverdell college savings plans. We have been extremely impressed with Gary’s overall professionalism in meeting all of our immediate insurance needs and by saving us money in a highly competitive marketplace. When we had questions, he answered quickly and completely both by phone and email. Articulate, competent, and responsive, Gary Brown sets the standard other agents should strive for.”
Russell & Carol from Mesa

“Gary is unlike any insurance agent I have ever had. He knows insurance and shares that knowledge so that I can make informed decisions. With Gary as my adviser I have peace of mind because I know I have the right insurance for my needs. I would never do business with one of those call center insurance companies. Having Gary on my side is priceless!”
Keith & Anita from Chandler

“Hi Gary,
We were able to send a potential client your way – John said he contacted you earlier today and was pleased with the service. It sounds like he will be able to grow your client base even further as the insurer of the builder only offers new home owners insurance for their first year. Greg and Joanne will likely contact you next week for their home insurance. Thank you so much for meeting with us the other day – it’s nice to now be able to “see” you when I speak to you or email you. And a big bonus was meeting your son! “Good things happen to good people.” That’s one of our most favorite sayings. We’re happy to contribute to the good things that happen to you as a result of you taking very good care of us. Thanks again!“
Cam & Linda from Canada

“Thank you, Gary, for working so hard to reduce my policy. You are appreciated!”
Carolee K from Tucson

“Thanks for all your guidance, Gary. Have a wonderful Christmas. Blessings to you and your family”
Tina Q from Gilbert

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