About Us

I began my insurance career back in 1993 with MetLife helping clients with life insurance and investments. They are a good company – one of the world’s most recognizable and respected. It was a great place to kick off my career. Then, I worked with a company called Country Financial for about seven years. This carrier used to specialize in auto and homeowner insurance when I started. But along the way they trended towards offering investments and that seemed to become the focus of their business model.

The idea of opening my own insurance agency came along as I watched a few other agents make the jump to opening their own agencies. It’s a big step, leaving behind years of hard work and starting over. But if a person is willing to put in the effort the rewards will come.

In 2007 I opened Choice Insurance of Arizona. We got a contract with The Hartford, MetLife, Badger Mutual and others. We were on our way.

The years have been kind to me. God has been generous in helping me along the way as he blessed the business and opened doors I could not on my own.


My wife and I married in 1989. I was no spring chicken when we wed – a late bloomer perhaps. Today we have been married 25 years and have two grown children.

One, a daughter, graduated from Arizona State University and is now a teacher. We are very proud of her. Our son is still in college and working hard in the restaurant industry to make his money.

I grew up in Kansas and moved to Arizona at 19 driving a Volkswagon Rabbit with about $350 in my pocket and not much else to my name. The Midwest is great but to be real honest I am not made for permanent cold weather living. I don’t mind visiting snow and cold but much prefer the sun and warmth of Arizona. The people of the Midwest are warm hearted, kind, generous, friendly and steady. I do miss the people. Most of my family still resides in Kansas. Great people.

We plan on living the rest of our lives in Arizona and retiring here. There is nowhere else we would rather be. That is, unless we are vacationing on a beach somewhere. Those trips are too few and far between but we do love the ocean.

That is it about me.

I hope that you will let me give you a quote on your insurance. I promise to give you great service and find a good, competitive auto or homeowner insurance rate for you. Click here to read testimonials about our great service!

Take care and God bless!
Gary Brown, Agent/Owner