Arizona Homeowner Insurance

We provide low cost homeowner insurance if you own a home in Arizona as your primary residence, rental property or seasonal/vacation home. It does not matter if you live in Arizona or outside Arizona as we can help most cases. Canadian residents welcome too!

Arizona residents, residents in other states & Canadian residents let us help with your insurance!

Do you already own a home here and need a comparison quote or are you planning on buying a home? Then you need homeowner insurance to protect perhaps the biggest asset you own? Let us save you money by comparing rates with leading and top rated insurance carriers. Some of our clients have saved up to 40%!

As an insurance broker, our goal is to help you pay LESS for your Arizona homeowner insurance. We accomplish this by shopping and comparing Arizona homeowner insurance with many leading and top rated insurance companies to see which carriers have the lowest rates. We pass these savings on to you!

What type of homes do we insure?

Primary Homes | Rental Properties | Seasonal-Vacation Homes

We provide coverage for your primary home, rental property or even your seasonal/vacation home. We can help you insure just about any type of home – single family dwelling, condo/townhome, duplex, and 4 plex. We can assist you whether you are an Arizona resident, live outside Arizona or even live in Canada and are buying a seasonal home or rental property.

You use a Real Estate Broker & Mortgage Broker – why not insurance broker?

You use a mortgage broker for your loan and a real estate broker to help you find the right home. We are an Arizona Insurance Broker and shop and compare to find the best homeowner insurance for you. Let a broker help you pay LESS.

Low Cost Premiums with the Right Coverage!

As our client, we encourage you to have your home insured for Full Replacement in the event of a fire or storm? Occasionally we meet a new client and discover their Arizona homeowner policy shows their home to be underinsured. In the event of a total loss, you want your home covered and your home rebuilt completely. That’s why we can help you take the proper steps to ensure your Arizona homeowner insurance policy provides the right coverage from the start. Just having insurance does not mean your home is insured properly. We can help you make sure it is. Contact us for a quote and let us help you.

Don’t Forget those Optional Endorsements – just ask us!

Having the right coverage and right policy can cover things like jewelry, art and collectibles often have very limited coverage under an your insurance policy. You need to discuss with your agent the items inside your home that have unique value. He or She can help determine if additional coverage is needed. Your policy is supposed to make you “whole” again. Let us help you properly protect your greatest investment

Homeowner Insurance Provides Liability & Medical Protection

Your policy has a coverage that protects you if someone is hurt while on your property and sues for damages. This is where our Arizona homeowner insurance policy provides protection for you. Our Arizona homeowner insurance policy automatically provides liability and medical coverage to help ensure you do not pay damages out of your own pocket. Ask us about our Arizona home insurance that covers you in the event you are sued.

When quoting Arizona homeowner insurance we often see liability protection limits with other agents at the rock bottom level. This is one of the cheapest parts of your Arizona homeowner insurance policy. Do not skimp on liability and medical coverage. Accept the maximum limits available. Not only do they afford you great protection but they are very inexpensive to have on your policy.

Money to Live Elsewhere After the Claim

If your home is badly damaged from fire or storm and your Arizona homeowner insurance company asks you to vacate so they can remodel – our Arizona homeowner insurance policies provide important coverage that pay to have you live elsewhere temporarily. Get the best agent and best Arizona homeowner insurance coverage through our agency. As us for a quote if you are an Arizona resident, Canadian resident or live in another state but own a home in Arizona

Arizona Homeowner Insurance Policy Reviews

You should not wait for your agent to contact you to conduct a policy review because most agents are extremely busy helping clients who are seeking assistance in person or over the phone. Your Arizona homeowner insurance policy covers you and your belongings and it is incumbent upon the insured to know and understand their policy, its limits and available riders. An Arizona home insurance claim is not the ideal time to find you have gaps in your coverage. Plan ahead and contact your agent to set a review appointment with your Arizona homeowner insurance agent.

Are You Insured Properly?

As you obtain an Arizona home insurance quote or when your policy renews annually, ask your agent what is the proper amount of coverage for your home. The cost to rebuild a home has skyrocketed over the years and you want to ensure your Arizona home insurance policy provides the right coverage for you. Building material costs and construction labor costs have risen dramatically. According to recent news articles in 2006 approximately 40% of all homes are underinsured.

Discounts – Get All You Are Eligible to Receive

It is advisable to discuss with your Arizona home insurance agent all the potential discounts available on your Arizona homeowner insurance policy. The most common discount is the auto and home discount, called the multi-policy discount when you insure both policies with the same carrier. See if you qualify for other discounts, like an alarm discount on your Arizona homeowner insurance policy. Some carriers may offer a gated community discount and a discount if your home has sprinklers.

Consider an Umbrella Insurance Policy

Finally, an Arizona home insurance policy should ideally be combined with an Umbrella policy to provide you with the best protection. An umbrella insurance policy gives you added coverage/protection above whatever is given to you under your homeowner insurance policy. Umbrella policies are generally very inexpensive but help give you great peace of mind by affording additional coverage in the event someone seeks damages from you resulting from a claim they believe you are negligent for. Coverage usually begins at one million.

We Insure Anywhere in Arizona

Whether you live in Arizona, outside Arizona or even in Canada we can insure your Arizona primary home, seasonal/secondary home, rental property and condo – whether you live in Arizona or even if you live in Canada or another state. If you are searching for a great rate on your Arizona homeowner insurance policy with a top rated carrier – we can help! At Choice Insurance of Arizona our goal is to help you pay LESS for your homeowner insurance. Yet, we also insure our clients with some of the best carriers in the nation.

Why Use an Arizona Homeowner Insurance Broker?

Our company is an Arizona insurance broker, which means we can also help you with your homeowner insurance, auto insurance, and life insurance. We have helped some clients save $1000 or more by combining their insurance together with us. You can pay LESS too. Not only can we compare rates with numerous other carriers for you but we can also help advise you on the proper coverage to have to best protect you and your assets. Just contact us for a quick quote.

The Department of Insurance offers a free homeowner insurance comparison brochure online that you can read or print. If you are buying or selling a home we recommend this realtor and company for your real estate needs.

Don’t forget – we also offer low cost Arizona Auto Insurance too. And please take a moment to read our Arizona homeowner insurance blog.

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TRIVIA: The first U.S. fire insurance company was formed in South Carolina in 1732. Benjamin Franklin opened an insurance business in 1752 and his business model was the first to include warnings against certain fire hazards and he also declined to insure certain risks, such as all-wooden homes. Remember, when you are buying Arizona homeowner insurance be sure to let us find the right policy and the LOWEST price. Our Arizona Home Insurance plans cover you right!