Arizona Auto Insurance

Choice Insurance of Arizona is an auto insurance broker and independent insurance agency. That means we can shop and compare auto insurance rates with many different insurance companies to help you pay LESS. This gives us an advantage over other insurance agents who are tied into one carrier.

What Carriers Do We Shop Your Auto Insurance?

We compare your Arizona auto insurance with many top ranked “A” rated carriers, such as Progressive, MetLife, The Hartford, AAA, Travelers, Badger Mutual, Infinity, Kemper, Mapfre and many other top rated carriers. We work for you! It is our job to find you the lowest rate possible through the carriers we work with. Some of our clients have saved hundreds and hundreds on their Arizona auto insurance.

You use a real estate broker and mortgage broker – now try an insurance broker for your car insurance

You probably have used a real estate broker or mortgage broker before, right? We are similar to those professions except that we are an auto insurance broker. Your real estate broker did not show you just one home – they showed you many. Your mortgage broker was not locked into one lender. No, they looked around with many lenders to find the lowest loan interest rate that you could quality for.

We do the same for you in auto insurance.

Does an Insurance Broker Cost Money to Use?

Our service is FREE to you, the consumer. We are compensated by the insurance carriers the same as other agents. We are a small independent insurance broker for Arizona auto insurance and homeowner insurance. Even though we cannot afford to run national television advertising campaigns we do represent some of America’s best Arizona auto insurance carriers. That means we have to do some things really well, such as offer good rates, be timely and helpful with our customer service, take care of our clients, and do what is right for you. We certainly try to do these things better than others.

Some of our clients have blemishes on their driving record that require an Arizona SR22 Insurance. If your require an SR22 please call us for a quote. We have carriers who will offer you a competitive rate.

Getting an Arizona auto insurance quote is free and we usually can get your quoted completed the same day (remember, we shop with many companies for you).

Driving for Uber or Lyft?

If you are engaging in a ride sharing occupation (driving for Uber or Lyft) you need to make sure you are covered by your insurance company. Read more here about UBER and LYFT. Click these links to get more information and make sure you are protected.

Protecting You and Your Assets – let us help you

It is natural to consider price when buying insurance. But what about the coverage you are buying? What coverages should you carry on your Arizona auto insurance policy? Your car insurance policy is broken down into several components. The first part is called “Liability”. This part protects the other person for injuries or damages you cause. “Full” coverage has two main parts. Comprehensive pays to fix your vehicle in event it is stolen, vandalized or damaged in any claim where your vehicle is not moving. Collision helps ensure your vehicle will be fixed if damaged while moving. You also have optional towing, glass, car rental, uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist coverage to consider.

Property Damage & Bodily Injury Coverage

Property Damage and Bodily Injury just may be the most important coverages on your Arizona auto insurance policy. They both pay out to the other party for damages you cause – to their vehicle or personal injury. As you know, this is a sue-happy society. If you cause injury or death in an at-fault accident it is highly likely you will be sued. Ask us about getting a quote for varying levels of coverage.

Optional Coverage

Some optional coverages on your Arizona auto insurance policy include: Uninsured Motorist (UM), Underinsured Motorist (UIM), and Medical Coverage. UM & UIM pay to you or your passengers for injuries if the other driver has no insurance or is underinsured. Medical covers injuries to passengers in your car, whether you are driving or the other person is at fault but has no insurance. Consider carrying Full Glass in Arizona.

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Arizona Auto Insurance Questions & Answers

Q: Am I covered on my Arizona auto insurance policy if I drive a rental vehicle?
A: Yes, with full coverage on your personal vehicle but their are limitations. Ask your agent. Your auto policy acts toward a rental vehicle just like it does for your own vehicle for the most part. However, ask your agent for any coverage gaps.

Q: My car is older, shouldn’t my Arizona auto insurance premium decrease?
A: Keep in mind that most claims are not total losses. Most claims involve the fixing up of a damaged vehicle, which means the insurance company has to pay for new parts and labor. Parts and labor costs continue to increase. In addition, there are other parts of your policy that make up your premium and have nothing to do with your vehicle (bodily injury, property damage, medical, uninsured & under-insured motorist, glass, road service and car rental).

Q: If I buy a car and my agent is unavailable, am I covered on my Arizona auto insurance policy?
A: If you have full coverage on your existing vehicle, coverage will extend to a newly purchase vehicle for a short duration. Ask your agent.

Q: What should I do if I sell my vehicle?
A: We would recommend accompanying the buyer to DMV and making sure they transfer title to themselves. Failure to do so could result in you continuing to be responsible for the vehicle or accidents that vehicle is involved in, even though you no longer retain possession. Or, you can go onto the DMV website and notify them that the vehicle has been sold.

Q: What if my vehicle is inoperable?
A: As long as you maintain an active registration you must carry Arizona auto insurance on a vehicle. Your agent can probably remove some coverage and lessen your premium in a case like this. It might be advisable to keep comprehensive on the vehicle, which covers it for theft and vandalism.

Or, you can go to DMV and de-register a vehicle. That would allow you to cancel your insurance on it completely. Go to www.servicearizonaDOTcom.

Q: What is an SR22?
A: It is a mandatory certificate of insurance required by DMV, and reserved for driver’s who drive uninsured, receive a DUI or some other serious driving offense. Auto premiums increase dramatically with an SR22. If you need an SR22 you must maintain continuous Arizona auto insurance for 3 years before it can be taken off. A common mistake made is people who have a vehicle that is inoperable that cancel their auto insurance. The DMV does not know your vehicle is inoperable. They simply assume you are driving without insurance. Bingo, they hit you with an SR22 and your rates skyrocket. The easy road is to go to DMV and de-register the auto.

Q: What determines my Arizona auto insurance premium?
A: Your driving record, type of car, zip code, amount of coverage and even age. Maybe even more important now is something called an “insurance credit score”. This is not exactly the same as your fico score or credit score used to determine your ability to qualify for a home or auto loan. It is similar, but insurance companies have their own formula for determining a person’s score.

Lately, consumers have seen their Arizona auto insurance rates increase for another reason. Insurance companies, at one time, could rely and depend on investment income to supplement their bottom line. Not so much any more. As the economy remains (as of the date this article is written) unbalanced where fixed investment returns are insignificant, insurance carriers can no longer rely on their investments. That means they will rely heavily on insurance premiums to pay the bills.

Q: What is an Insurance Credit Score?
A: An insurance credit score is a little different than other credit scores, such as those used to qualify for a home loan or car loan. But it is very similar. Insurance companies have different factors and each company may use more factors or less than a competing company. Third party studies have shown pretty convincingly that a person with a better insurance credit score has fewer claims, which makes them more profitable for the insurer. The reasoning is that a person who works diligently to have good credit is more likely to be more responsible behind the wheel of a car than a person with less favorable credit. It is a highly sensitive issue with some insured’s but as long as the State Legislature and the Insurance Commissioner continues to allow the use, insurance companies will use insurance credit scores.

Arizona Homeowner Insurance

Besides great auto insurance rates and great customer service, we also help our clients who want to pay less for their Arizona Homeowner Insurance. Just ask us to provide a quick quote. Some carriers offer an extra discount if you own a home or if you insure your home and auto together.

Arizona Condo Insurance

Along with great auto insurance rates we also provide low cost Arizona Condo Insurance to our clients. Be sure to let us know your dwelling is a condo, as different coverage applies versus a homeowner insurance policy.